I will teach how to create a simple action game and the game will look like the above video. I will not give much details about the android/java basics, so feel free to use the comments section to ask questions. This was my first game, so there is probably a lot of room for improvement.

The game will look like a Ping-Pong, but it will be more fun and exciting than hitting a single boring ball! The game will have two modes, lots of stages and local best scores.

Each part of this tutorial will assume that the previous parts were already done.


The game has three main activities: the first one is a splash screen, the second one has some tabs to select the Mode and Level, the third one is the game itself. There are two game Modes: Tutorial (to learn about new Shots) and Level (a predefined number of Sequences, it doesn’t stop if you miss a Shot). Each Mode is a set of Levels, which is a set of Sequences, which is a set of Shots.


If you have questions, use the comments section!