This mode shows the Shot types, their speed and their movement.

This mode has a predefined set of Sequences on each Level. Each hit worths one point and increases the multiplier. If the player misses a Shot, the multiplier goes back to 1x.


They will be given for each Level and for the overall Mode completion.

Level not completed yet!
Level completed with less than 100% hit ratio!
Level completed with 100% hit ratio!

Replace the content with the code below. This is a TabActivity and it will show the modes available on two separated Tabs. The code below initializes the tab (name and icon) and it sets a TabChangedListener to listen for tab changes. A Toast will be displayed when you change tabs, it won’t display the Level list yet!


Change the current level_list.xml with the content below. This will add a TabHost and a TabWidget to handle the Mode tabs and it will also add a ListView which will hold the Level list.


Add the following strings to the existing strings.xml.

SVN Project:

PingPong Madness Tutorial – Part 05 SVN


PingPong Madness Tutorial – Part 05.apk